Cairn: Mathair's Curse


When an ancient evil is awoken by a most certainly odd cult, a boy must venture from his home to save his mum (and also the world...).
Cairn: Mathair's Curse is an RPG inspired by 90s JRPGs and Scottish culture. Explore a variety of interesting locations and fight strange and unusual enemies.


Weird and wonderful world to discover: Explore the rolling forests, bustling cities and secret lairs of Albaness!

Uncover an ancient conspiracy: Put rest to a conspiracy 1000 years in the making...

Meet strange and colourful characters: Make friends (or enemies) with throughout Albaness!

Quirky Turn-Based Battle System: Make fisticuffs with an array of odd and unusual enemies!

Original Soundtrack: Have your ears filled with a handcrafted 90’s inspired soundtrack!