Cairn: Mathair’s Curse is a heartfelt, Scottish turn-based story driven JRPG about a boy and his mother, in an adventure that explores love, loss and family. When a mysterious cult unleashes an ancient curse on their home, Alex and his friends must embark on an adventure, defeating wacky enemies, solving puzzles and meeting new friends along the way!

In this narrative-driven JRPG, the fictional world of Albaness reflects growing up in the Scottish Highlands in the early 2000s, with plenty of Scottish humour included in its characters and story.


Cairn: Mathair’s Curse is developed by solo developer Ross McRitchie. The game is based on Ross’s life experience with family and loss and dedicated to his mother and grandmother. He has spent the last 4 years, designing the world, developing the game’s art, programming, and writing. The 16-bit soundtrack is produced by his partner, Christine. Ross and Christine are based in Dundee, Scotland.


  • Full-length 20+ hour single-player JRPG
  • A story-rich narrative steeped in Celtic mythology and Scottish culture (and humour)!
  • Funky turned-based combat with ridiculous enemies, including Haggis and stop-signs...(Watch out!)
  • Stunning hand-crafted pixel art from picturesque beaches, snowy forests and secret hi-tech lairs!
  • Solve puzzles to unlock areas, find presents and more!


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About Ross McRitchie

Ross McRitchie is a indie developer based in Dundee, Scotland.
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Cairn: Mathair's Curse Credits

Christine Canavan
Music Composer